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28 October 2018

We would like to confirm that Keyping entered an exclusive partnership with Inpost. Inpost is one of the three UK companies that own lockers across the UK. Specifically, they have placed lockers in more than 1200 lockers in rural as well as urban areas.

The beauty of Inpost is that the lockers are fully automated. They have wifi, so they can be controlled from a distance. They open automatically after you enter your code. This way, no one would ever know in which locker is your key. And there is CCTV, so that you can check out who picked up your key. The lockers are within easy distance; certainly no more than 10-15 minutes away.

The partnership with Inpost gave Keyping the opportunity to create a platform that facilitates the secure storage of keys and their easy movement through the automated lockers. Keyping’s capabilities have increased multifold and we are now ready to serve estate agents, property managers, landlords and service providers across the UK.

If you ever had problems with your key safe… If you ever got stranded outside a property because the key was not where it was supposed to be… Leave the headaches behind and sign up for the Keyping service immediately. We will help you set up your keys and show you how the system works.

The Keyping – Inpost partnership also allowed us also to create a great customer service. Both companies are at your disposal to answer questions and give guidance. Just send us a message and we will strive to answer it immediately.

Keyping is Born

25 June 2018

As we were going through the maize of existing solutions, a simple idea came to us. What if we used lockers across the UK to store the keys? And what if we developed a software platform to facilitate the transfer in a secure environment.

And what if someone could not move to place them in the lockers. Could we use existing couriers to help us make the handling easier?

The idea proved to be trickier than we expected, since lockers are a novity in the UK and clients were uncertain about their value. Lo and behold! Once they tried the solution, they were hooked.

This is how Keyping was born. And the rest is history.

Failed Solutions

2 February 2018

For a very long time our time has been trying to solve the nightmare of having to handle property keys. And a nightmare it is, undoubtedly. For the past few months we tried everything:

We left keys to shops, so that their owners can pick them up.

We asked neighbours to hold them temporarily until someone picks them up.

We entrusted them to couriers to deliver them to another place.

We put them in key safes outside the house.

In all of the above cases we faced the same problems over and over again. The keys where lost, misplaced, mixed up, appeared at the wrong time, appeared at the wrong place. The list is endless and our desperation is growing.

What is there to be done? If we are facing such troubles, I cannot even imaging what the estate agents and property managers are going through. Hopefully, we will find a solution sooner rather than later.

The Pick Axe Challenge

1 January 2018

A few months ago, I was sitting peacefully by my window reading Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice, when I noticed commotion across the street. The loud voices claimed my full attention. When I turned around I saw a plumber grabbing the neighbour’s key safe. He pulled it out of the wall and tried to break it open with a pick axe.

At that point I was not just intrigued, I was definitely scared that the neighborhood was dealing with its latest serial killer. To my utter surprise, a passer by confronted them. However, instead of calling the police, he joined in the action.

Foolish as I am, I went out of the house to find out what was going on. The dishevelled plumber faced me in bewilderment, before he tried to explain that he was hired by the owner to fix a leak, while they were away. They gave him the pin code to their very expensive key safe, so that he can get access to the house. However, the pin did not seem to be working. So, he got permission from the owners to crack it open.

After several minutes of hacking and swearing at the inanimate box, the plumber opened it and found the key. He walked ebullient towards the door and attempted to put it in the lock. The key did not seem to be the right one! Apparently the key safe belonged to another neighbour!

This experience taught me an important lesson. Never use a pick axe to open a random key safe. Above all, it indicated that there was an important problem to be solved in the property industry: The Secure Transfer of Keys.

And then my adventure started. I started asking real estate agents and property owners, if they had a Key Problem. They all shared their individual horror stories and convinced me that the problem was not only real but also incredibly difficult to solve.

We run a property tech company that faciltates the storage and exchange of keys for estate agents, property managers, landlords, maintenance and cleaning companies.

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