From £1 only!

Credit System

We use a credit system, which you can top up at any time. The more you use your keys, the less you pay! The best aspect of this system is that all credits can be used across ALL keys! This way you make massive savings.

Pay for Storage

You pay for using one of our lockers per key per day. You do not pay for key transfers, you do not pay for multiple exchanges. You can use the lockers for as many times as you want during the day. One full Locker Day lasts from midnight to midnight.

Pay As You Go

There is no monthly or yearly subscription. We do not ‘lock’ you in short term or long term plans. You are free to go and come back at will. And once the key is in the system, you can reactivate it any time.

How Many Keys?

You can have only 1 key or 10.000 keys! All of them are individually identified and treated with respect. We are happy to provide a Key On Boarding service for the first time you will use the system, so that we can save you precious time.

1-day FREE use of Keyping

We are happy to offer the FREE use of Keyping for a day. Contact us to take advantage of the offer, so that you can test our services before you buy.

Full On-Boarding Support

We know how busy you are. So, we are happy to offer you a full onboarding support from our team. Contact us, so that we can set up your keys.

Ask for a Brochure

Alternatively, you may want to ask for a brochure for more information.

Contact Us

Contact us for more information or to start using Keyping.

Contact us to experience Keyping and find out how much time and money you can save.

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Business Box, 3 Oswin Rd, Leicester LE3 1HR, UK